Quand les vagues reviennent ( översättning till engelska)

översättning till engelska engelska

When the waves come back

Yes, indeed
I am cracked,
I am beat,
I am broken
like the glass1
forgotten by a poet
that gets dumped overboard.
I am twisted
I am rusty
I am skinny as a nail2
that would have been forgotten
on your neck3
Don't worry,
I'm out of here.
I'm pulling out
this thorn you drag,
this heavy ball4 that clings
to your feet, to your veins
like children do,
like beached
mermaids do
as the waves come back.5
I am bored, I am drowning
when the waves come back,
I always think of you.
Yes, indeed,
I am without joy,
I am empty6
like a town on a sunday,
like a wounded bird
clinging to the branch,
the branch all bent
by the weight of the smiles
that we won't flash each other anymore.
Got to go.
Don't worry
I am far away
I am nothing,
just a bit of dust
another woman will
brush aside, with the back of her hand,
like children do
when they are sad
in order to avoid the wind
as the waves come back.7
I am bored, I am drowning
when the waves come back,
I always think of you.
Yes, indeed,
I feel much better.
Sometimes as a happiness fades away
(anotyher) happiness takes its place
and helps us coping.
I'm telling you
right in the eyes:
I hardly feel sad anymore,
and yet sometimes,
as the waves come back,
I get bored, I drown.
WHen the waves come back,
I always think of you.
I think of you.
I always think of you.
  • 1. "verre" (glass) sounds like "vers" (verse)
  • 2. "maigre comme un clou" is similar to "a skeleton with skin" or "thin as a rake"
  • 3. "clou" can also mean "boil". Bon appétit...
  • 4. "boulet" is a very trendy word for "numbskull" too
  • 5. Thank you, Mrs Alma, for another great WTF moment...
  • 6. rather means "exhausted" here, but it's used as "emptied" for the town next line, and as "exhausted" again for the wounded bird.
  • 7. I remember feeling sad as a child, but can't say I ever brushed dust aside with the back of my hand to avoid wind as waves came back. I must be missing something there...
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Quand les vagues reviennent

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