Vänligen hjälp till att översätta "Psilocybin"

  • Artist: Kimberley Michelle Barr
  • Sång: Psilocybin
  • Önskan: engelska → svenska
  • Anmärkning:

    This month is my 30th birthday :) - I would love to have this first step of my dream finished and am grateful to everyone who has helped so far.


    I am not the best singer, by far, but I would love to evidence or disregard synchronicity through this project; as well as to learn my lyrics in many languages. I am happy to be contacted also on FB or on this messanger service :)



Psylocybin, when you're driving...
Where's your head at? - A nutcase.
Angel-dust, is not a must - but, still you're gonna win that race.
But when opiates, they take it's place - are you gonna feel the same?
Or does it make it worse, and are you still hurt?
Tell me, where's your brain?


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