Rockcoccodrillo ( översättning till engelska)

översättning till engelska engelska


Don’t you hear it? What a strange ticking!
It’s the first alarm, after that I come in!
I don’t want any advantage!
But it ain’t out of courage,
it’s because I’m the most evil.
And I enjoy chasing you,
it excites me, I like stalking you.
I never give you a break!
So, poor you, be on your guard
'coz your cro-co-co-co-codile
is coming!
I’m a graduate and I teach rhythm and dance
I’m a master!
Yeah, go escape, run away if you want!
I take it easy, I don’t get busy!
I don’t work too hard,
I just wait to catch you all.
And when it’s time to settle the score,
I show up to the rhythm of an alarm clock.
The rhythm beats, it gives you a strange craving.
What a strange temptation,
what a craving to dance! …Don’t resist
'coz your cro-co-co-co-codile
is coming.
I’m a graduate and I teach rhythm and dance
I’m an artist!
You, serious people, respectable people!
You’re the worst ones because you resist!
You never let yourselves go
You never give in
You do violence to yourselves…
And then you vent your anger on the others!
That’s not fair, when will you stop?
Yes, you, serious people! ...oh, give it a break!
Follow the rhythm and keep in time
with your cro-co-co-co-codile!
Keep in time, you all, and follow
the pace of dance, and don't dare to cheat!...
And you, bandits, pirates and smugglers!
I’ve had on eye on you for quite a while!
Nah, no revolution! Your ambition is just
to become no more and no less like those
serious and respectable people
whom you, out of stupidity, watch and mimic!
What a great situation! … the only solution
is to try to keep in time
with your cro-co-co-co-codile!
Get the rhythm and do another dance
Another tour!
Well, what kind of crocodile are you?
You want make us all dance,
but it isn’t clear what you want!
Yeah, why don’t you tell us what you want?
Why don’t you tell us who sent you?
What kind of crocodile are you?...
I already told you I’m the most evil!
I give you time, or rather, I am time!
Time is strange sometimes, but time is a gentleman!
I don’t cheat you, but I can't be cheated!
I take my time, but I can't be stopped!
Give time to time and the accounts must add up!
Follow the rhythm and keep in time
with your cro-co-co-co-codile!
Sometimes I cry, I'm not ashamed to say it,
but they’re all cro-co-co-co-codile tears.
But they’re just cro-co-co-co-codile tears.
I give you time, but I’m a crocodile
I’m a gentleman, but I’m a crocodile
And sometimes I cry and I'm not ashamed to say it
But they’re just cro-co-co-co-codile tears.
But they’re all cro-co-co-co-codile tears…
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