In the same boat

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Meanings of "In the same boat"


Everyone shares in the same misfortune or fortune. No one escapes the actions of what occurs. If it sinks all perish, if it floats all remain.
Most often heard is, "We're all in the same boat". It means they we all share fates. It is also meant to say that the bad intentions of a person or their desire to separate, or absolve themselves of bad circumstances will not work. They will be equally troubled.

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"In the same boat" i sångtexter

NCT Dream - dear dream

i think of when our reality was a dream
i'm always worried for us
even if we're in the same boat, it's a different sea alone
i keep expecting to see you

Nekfeu - We'll See

But when there is a big track that comes around
Don't be afraid of Arabic-sounding insults thrown at you
We're all in the same boat
Even those we don't like

Dolly Parton - 9 to 5

But you got dreams he'll never take away

In the same boat
With a lot of your friends

Himouto! Umaru-chan (OST) - Core Metamorphosis

Just the two of us together

In the same boat

Ebba Grön - The State and Capital

Side by side, they help each other out
The state and capital sit in the same boat
But they aren’t the one’s rowing

Darkiel - Because you are here (Remix)

They ask me "Coscu, are you ready for her?", totally
My chick, the one who always gives and never takes from me
Together in the same boat, only the sky is the limit

Habib Koité - Africa

Africa will make its own way, after a fashion, because
My Negro pride will always be called Mambo
And we are all in the same boat
Help! Enough helped Africa

Major Lazer - Get free

I know you, you know me
Baby, you know me
We're all together in the same boat
I know you, you know me

Navii - So smile

Since we're just passing through
All in the same boat
Which pulls away from the shore

Tong Li - Fireworks in March

a caring person like me there?
Yangzhou City, is there
someone with whom you can be in the same boat
in the rain and wind?[fn value="5"]It's a colloquial expression usually translated as “stick together in hardship”, but I like the literal phrase better, I think that translators often simplify beautiful original expressions too much.[/fn]

Herbert Grönemeyer - A Piece of Heaven

a place of God,
a chair in orbit,
we're all in the same boat.

The Tap Tap - The Bus Director

People like me,
don't live just in fairy-tales
we're all in the same boat, so don't throw us overboard.

Vetusta Morla - When Breathing

I chose ambiguity.
You, the phantom and reality,
all in the same boat.

Samuel Heron - I hate everyone

Go away, or actually, don't
Because I want to have what I don't have
Because we're all in the same boat
But I want to be on that Yacht

Group of Artists (Arabic) - I dream of a world

[Muhammed El-Sharnoubi]
We are all in the same boat (= we share the same destiny)

Tokyo Godfathers (Soundtrack) - No.9

Hey, let's go for a rum in the Caribbean ocean!

Don't you ever think we're in the same boat
Hey, let's puff a cigar in the Caribbean island!

Albin Lee Meldau - Same Boat

When the night is coming
And I miss you my babe
Knowing we're all in the same boat

Bump of Chicken - St. Elmo's fire

I wonder what kind of face you're making right now, it's a little tiresome, but it's fun
See? We are in the same boat And now, which song should I sing?


Inside this paper plane
Note my words are Navy sealed so here and I quote
Taboo and I are in the same boat
What's said from Pennywise, I guess we all float

Kaizers Orchestra - Prayer From Hell

The sun is in zenith and the heads are hanging low
In the mines, at 16, we are all in the same boat
At the foot of the mountain you can watch us marching