Shenhua (シェンファ~莎花~) ( översättning till engelska)


Shenhua (シェンファ~莎花~)

きらめく山嶺 湧き出す 冷たい水は
白露 纏った 聖らかな森に 染み入る
気高い姿で 咲き誇る その花は
寄せ合う 花びら 薄紫に輝きて
吹き荒ぶ風にさえ 無垢な瞳は消せない
光が集まる 優しい梢の下で
幼い心に 不思議な力 宿りて
豊かに濯いだ 蛍の河の流れに
抱かれて眠れば 遙かな面影 何処
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Cover version of a song off of the soundtrack for a japanese video game called Shenmue 2

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The cold water flowing out from the sparkling mountains
Seeps into the pure forest cloaked in white dew
The flower blooms proud and noble
It's gathered petals shine in pale lavender
Even the roaring wind can not put out
The lights of pure innocent eyes
Under the gentle branches Where the light gathers
A mysterious power dwells in the heart of an infant
Embraced by the plentiful flow of fireflies
The shadows seen through dreamy eyes is now far away in the distance.
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