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Lady smile

Lady to your daughter who is smiling to you,
Love has put the sun in her life.
She and I,
One day we made love and that's all.
She and I,
We didn't get married, but who cares.
I'm not this billionaire
You'd be proud of,
This beautiful and luxurious party
You've dreamt about.
I'm just a wanderer,
I've got nothing but the songs,
But your daughter has chosen me
To make her life sing.
Lady to your daughter, it's wonderful,
You can see the happiness in her big eyes.
Life's like this,
The bird has left you in a beautiful morning.
Life's like this,
Love can sing well just in freedom.
The remarks are gladly accepted.
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Souriez madame

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Valeriu RautValeriu Raut    Ons, 25/06/2014 - 05:04

Hello Zaza and thanks for your good translation.
Here are my suggestions:

I would put a comma - Lady, smile
C'est la vie > That's life

parti means party, but not in our context
parti (=personne à marier) > match
ce beau parti très recherché > This good match much sought-after (much in demand)

madame à votre enfant > Lady to your (daughter) CHILD
l'amour ne chante bien qu'en liberté > Love sings well only freely

Kind regards