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A Piece of Heaven

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Why in His name?
We have a name, too.
When will we take responsibility for our dramas?
He's being needed far too often.
It's all indefinite, all indefinite.
What army is sacred?
You don't believe better than I do!
The Bible isn't meant for seclusion,
Planet Earth is our responsibility!
It is friendly, friendly -
We're rather not.
A piece of heaven,
A seat, assigned by God,
A chair in orbit,
We're all in the same boat!
Here is your house,
Here's what counts.
You are surrounded
By a magnificent world.
Religions are to be conserved,
They are made for morals.
There isn't just one noble teaching,
No god has thought wiser than the other,
Or is has an advantage, has an advantage.
What ideal justifies all means?
Who's gonna stop the fire now?
Legions of crusaders
Furiously came to a deadlock.
It's all indefinite, why indefinite?
Crude time.
A piece of heaven,
A seat, assigned by God,
A chair in orbit,
We're all in the same boat!
Here is your home,
This is your goal.
You are one of a kind,
Playing your own oracle.
There is too much belief,
And too little is being told.
It's the stories
That unify this world.
Hardships, legends, destinies, life, and death,
Happy endings, desire, and comfort.
A piece of heaven,
A seat, assigned by God.
There are billions of colors,
And each one is a different type of red.
Here's your home,
This is our time.
We do many things right,
But we don't choose the easy way.
This is my house,
This is my goal.
Whoever proves nothing
Actually proves a damn lot.
There is no foe, there is no victory.
Nothing can spoil anything for anyone,
Nobody has earned his life.
There's enough for everybody,
There's lots of easy money,
We have plenty,
And we share this world,
We are obliged.
Planet Earth is friendly,
So why aren't we?
It is friendly,
So why aren't we?
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Stück vom Himmel

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