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Supongo que lo sabes ( översättning till engelska)

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I guess you knew

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You always said and did the right thing
You seemed like the perfect man
You beat me by being a gentleman
And you know
Months passed, I got to know you
The excitement faded
The details dessapearing
And you know
I made you dinner and you didn't come
All your excuses I bought them for you
The first five times I believed you
What do you want me to think of you now?
I shouldn't tell you what to do
You made me fall in love and you did it very well
I have tried everything, but it is impossible
Understand that I can't alone
And if you knew how to conquer my heart
Today that is all yours, come and take care of it
Despite everything, here I am
I guess you knew
Then you swore you would change
That your selfishness was left behind
Excited, I waited for you
And you know
I kept making dinners and you didn't come
Now your excuses I didn't even listen to them
The second twenty times I gave up
And you still ask me to trust you
I dont' know what I'm doing here waiting for you
I love you, but everything has a limit
I gave you more than anyone has given
Much, much more, maybe it was too much
Little by little, my bags I packed
Waiting for you to tell me: "stay"
You didn't realize what I was missing
I'm going to miss your bed and you know it
And now there's nothing more you can do
You hurt me and you did it very well
Even if you try everything, nothing is possible anymore
Understand that today alone I am
If you knew how to leave my heart
Today that it is alone, just leave it
That after so much, I'm finally leaving
I guess you knew
Because of you, I have met someone else
Someone who gives me his life and gives me peace
And you don't know that
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Inskickad av Stefy HartardStefy Hartard Lör, 28/05/2022 - 08:47

Supongo que lo sabes

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