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I knocked at your door again,
You were gone, I didn't see you
I stopped on the park bench
Hoping only to meet you
I live in memories
And you, you're not coming back anyway.
I want you to give me what you once promised me,
You were everything in my life but I lost you.
Refrain: X2
You are the stranger that always steals from me
Days, nights, and it is hard for me,
I miss you telling me that you love me
Like in a dream, I'd like you to wake me up.
With you in mind too late,
When I wake up everything is deserted.
I know that I made a mistake
All those times I lied to you
Give me a chance to tell you what I feel
When you're not here.
Refren X 2
Like in a dream, I'd like you to wake me....
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