Toranj ترنج ( översättning till engelska)


Toranj ترنج

خواجوی کرمانی
گفتا تو از کجایی کاشفته می‌نمایی؟
گفتم منم غریبی از شهر آشنایی
گفتا سر چه داری کز سر خبر نداری؟
گفتم بر آستانت دارم سر گدایی
گفتا کدام مرغی کز این مقام خوانی؟
گفتم که خوش نوایی از باغ بینوایی
گفتا ز قید هستی رو مست شو که رستی
گفتم به می پرستی جستم ز خود رهایی
گفتا جویی نیرزی گر زهد و توبه ورزی
گفتم که توبه کردم از زهد و پارسایی
گفتا به دلربایی ما را چگونه دیدی؟
گفتم چو خرمنی گل در بزم دلربایی
گفتا من آن ترنجم کاندر جهان نگنجم
گفتم به از ترنجی لیکن به دست نایی
گفتا چرا چو ذره با مهر عشق بازی؟
گفتم از آن که هستم سرگشته‌ای هوایی
گفتا بگو که خواجو در چشم ما چه بیند؟
گفتم حدیث مستان سرّی بود خدایی
Inskickad av shahram1900shahram1900 Tor, 10/05/2012 - 00:41

Although I like Mohsen Namjoo's innovative style in bringing the West and the East together, but I am not a fan of Sophism or Religious/Spiritual conception of the world, and my main reason to translate this poem was to pay tribute to Khawju Kermani who spoke of the duplicity and deception of the so-called "men of god" over 800 years ago.

översättning till engelska engelska
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She said: I am those bergamot, I cannot withstand the world.
I said: better than bergamot, but inaccessible!
She said: you seem confused, where are you really from?
I said: I'm a poor stranger, from the city of solidarity.
She said: what are you thinking about, you seem unconscious?
I said: I am just a beggar, on front of your doorstep!
She said: how you have found me in charming?
I said: like a harvest of flowers, at the feast of charming!
I said: The smell of of your hair made me astray.
She said: if you know, it can become your guide!
I said: I died in dreams of kissing your lips
She said: just be a real servant, it will realizes your dream...
Inskickad av ehsanalikhaniehsanalikhani Fre, 09/03/2012 - 08:17
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The Responses of the lover are not in correspondence with the questions of loved one. It is the nature of this poem. The poet want to underline that it is the nature of love, you don't understand anything with the exception of the dream of reunion!