Try to please

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Meanings of "Try to please"


To attempt to make someone happy, or content through actions or words that accommodate, fulfill their needs. It is often used with the idea that contentment, fulfillment will never come. This would be a result not of poor attempts, but of poor appreciation. "She tried to please him, but he was never happy."

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Provare ad accontentare.

Ho provato ad accontentarlo ma non era per niente interessato.

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"Try to please" i sångtexter

Héctor Lavoe - The day of my fate.

Why life so I must try
If what I seek is happiness.
I try to please mankind
But my happiness here has been fatal

MAMAMOO - Do It Yourself

You only think about yourself
As if it's so natural
I've been foolish enough to try to please you
And it's bothering me, keeping me lonely until the end

Zahara (South Africa) - Bomi Endibaziyo

Have you ever tried to reach for God in the rainbows hand
People always try to please the world
Losing themselves in the way


It always watch everyone and tries to make them laugh
No matter what time if you're sad nor happy
I will try to please everyone
The truth is you must be concerned about this strange red nose I have

Lynnsha - I want you to lie to me

Tell me that I'm your princess
I try the minimum to be sexy
I try to please you, my dear
You know the men tell me that you were hitting on other women

Marc Anthony - My Lucky Day

Why has life treated me this way
If I'm just looking for happiness?
I try to please humanity
But my fortune here has been awful.

Flynt - My buddy

Where I am a lot of people mix buddies and groupies
But I understood the betrayal from Fox and the Hound
My buddy don't try to please at all costs
Don't pretend to move the head when I make rotten couplets

Dargaard - Fleeing Time

Not even if every day,
My friend, you try to please,
Pluto the Dry-eyed with three hundred bulls,

Berry - Tomorrow

Hold, hold, hold still and tomorrow,
Put a dress on, greet a neighbor,
Try to please someone,
Entertain myself of everything and of nothing,

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - Bend It!

So just relax, there’s stacks of time,
And honey, please don’t tease me –
Try to please me!

Adel Tawil - I am how I am

It seems that everyone knows exactly
What is missing in my life
I always thought I try to please everyone
Now I realize that this is impossible

Foals - In Degrees

around again. i waste my time.

i know i've wasted time when i try to please
release me when i waste my time, when i come to be here

Ronan Keating - The Way You Make Me Feel

You make everything seem so easy
I'm telling you the truth
You never try to please me
But somehow you always do

Armin van Buuren - Unforgivable

Well you used to try to please me
Yeah you used to try to please me
Never said this would be easy [x2]

Alberto Pedraza - My Lucky Day

Why has life treated me this way
If I'm just looking for happiness?
I try to please humanity
But my fortune here has been awful.

Berry - Tomorrow

Hold, hold, hold still and tomorrow,
put on a dress, greet a neighbour,
try to please someone,
having fun with everything and nothing.

Laskovy May - Fatima

This offends sultans:
So try to please,
But don't amuse welcome guests -

Brädi - A cry for help

Adrift, waiting for salvation.
I pondered as a sheep, what others think of me.
Why would you even try to please
people, who don't take you forward at all?

Niccolò Fabi - Become Invent

the most obstinate search
of that existential good
which is to try to please
and to be able to make it on time.

Ozzy Osbourne - I don't want to change the world

You know it ain't easy
You know it ain't fair
So don't try to please me
Because I really don't care