Ultimate Vista (Ultimate Vista) ( översättning till engelska)

översättning till engelska engelska

Ultimate Vista

A little bit more, a little bit later
It reached the sky
How many times, standing on my tiptoes
I'd grasp it and then suddenly it would disappear
Slow, be well. I'll meet you soon
You always just reject me
I said the wrong thing, I guess
A star1 opened up like that
Step up high and far away to the possibilities hanging over you
Transcendent Tunes. The future's Vista
Can you aim the beat's accents?
Even though your vacant imagination was blurred
Jump on our vibes
Even if that precious scene lasts for just a blink of an eye
The mood2 will immediately sit atop the beat
“Peaky” is come true
[Hurry up forth Shake up, up, up
Hurry up top Make up my world]
NO, checkmate!
It's still not complete
I collect my uneven thoughts
"Most likely" out of "definitely"3
I search for what I once tightly held
This adventure is always on the Frontier
Try limit, the monochrome sheet music,
Throw an original color on it
You couldn't be satisfied with anything like "ordinary", right?
Dyeing it is breathtaking
It's real. To the Emblem
Excite it. Mash up!
The exhilarating groove brings me to Fantasia
I overlook a crescendo4 to Elation
I leave my body to the roaring heat
It takes me to the final Eden
Transcendent Tunes. The future's Vista
(High bright Hit on vista)
[You said don't look yet. World to spread, up, up
We rise even further. Move in up]
We hijack the silent space
We enter a trance that no one understands
Even if that precious scene lasts for just a blink of an eye,
The mood will soon be the Ultimate
That went beyond the beat
“Peaky” is come true
[Delight, Just to best
[Hurry up forth Shake up, up, up
Hurry up top Make up my world]
NO, checkmate!
  • 1. The original Japanese reads アスター which can be read in a few different ways, but I took it to mean the katakana way to write the English words "a star."
  • 2. This word could also mean breath.
  • 3. I think this line is expressing a ratio meaning something like 90-95% likelihood.
  • 4. A musical term for when a song gets louder. The katakana version of crescendo was used in the original Japanese.

This translation is my own. I'm OK with reposting, but please attribute the translation to Subeki Subtitles and link to my original translation here.

I feel that my Japanese is good enough that my translations are good reproductions of the original, but they may not be perfect. I'm always learning and improving so at some point, I may go back to this translation to make it better. If you see anything that should be fixed, please let me know! 頑張ります!

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Ultimate Vista (Ultimate Vista)

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