Ve gülümse şimdi (Bebeğim) ( översättning till engelska)

översättning till engelska engelska

And now smile (My darling)

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Don’t cry, we know loneliness, fortunately we know well each other
Don’t leave your scent here, I loved your scent, you can’t know, take your scent with you
You were always a child, with a baloon in your hand…
Was I an obsacle? Was I a needle?
Suddenly I saw, the apples have fallen, we’re done,
The shutters are closed
It’s meaningless to struggle
The stranger in your face
Every second becomes stranger and stranger
It shouldn’t happen, be as I knew you
It shouldn’t be harder each second
And now smile…
You were always right, pains is free, we had to look at it from a distance
I’m so tired, like an old clock…. I’m torn by storms,
Like Istanbul…
My darling…
In the best part of the play the bells rang, how sad,… I’m like that.
Inskickad av MchatronMchatron Sön, 15/06/2014 - 16:28

enjoy it !! Teeth smile


Ve gülümse şimdi (Bebeğim)