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Vuosisadan rakkaustarina ( översättning till engelska)

  • Artist: Kuristaja
  • Låt: Vuosisadan rakkaustarina
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  • Översättningar: engelska #1, #2
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The Love Story of a Century

Versioner: #1#2
On the internet, a boy met a woman
She was beautiful and different2
They always went to eat after a movie
Usually evenings lasted very long
Boy walked the woman to the stairway
His manners were really something to show off
Relationship worked, everything was clear
The boy was twentyfive, woman thirtyfour
Friends accepted the affair
Until they saw the bruises on the woman's arms
Everybody started to blame the boyfriend
Woman said it's no use to blame him
Woman said she fell with a scooter
Friends said, soon there are candles at the grave
Woman cries away her sorrow
Lets the love crawl out of the hole
Love grows, you don't notice it
It kills the environment and doesn't protect
Boy apologizes, woman forgives
For fucks sake those sheep blinded by love
It feels bad to look at the paper
Soon the blood will splatter the wallpapers
Love story has a tragic end
We can say the scooter lost its kick
The same thing lasted for several weeks
Woman got so fucking many cuts on her face
Woman tried to help her man
But the punching bag was taken back to the store
With the money was bought knives and beer
In the place of the bag, woman was beat with a bare hand
One day the woman leaves the man
The man literally doesn't swallow without chewing
Man beats the woman as much as he can
At the same time fucks the ass till it bleeds
Man says: You are useless
Ties her up to the chair just like Laura did to Eero
Beats the temple with a screwdriver
Fills the mouth with fucking foil
Woman cries mouth full of wounds
Man laughs while looking at the carcass
Shaves pieces of neck with a grater
Stuffs the pussy with aquarium fish
Man has a water boiler getting hot
Man knows the way to the heart
Cuts off the eyelids
While pouring the water in woman's eyes
Man gets a knife from his pocket
Smiles and gives a kiss for the woman
In the middle of her red cheek
Achilles tendons are moist from blood
Woman is probably dead already
Man hits the spine with an iron shovel
Multiple times, bloody curtains
Kuristaja is only the storyteller
Man laughs, woman lies in blood
The dream come true is only ahead
Pussy or ass, eeny meeny,
necrophilia like Edmund Kemper
Let's borrow a line from before
Man doesn't swallow without chewing, at least not women
So he bites a piece from the cheek
Going down, smells like cock
Man saves the lower body for sex
Chews the face, like it was a cookie
Swallows everything, the whole fucking woman
Upper body and also does art from it
Salatut elämät, apartment gets cleaned
Man has kept his apartment hidden
In other city there's waiting for him
A wife and three kids
Daddy has come from the work trip
Daddy needs to rest, work is rough.
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fixed typos and improved translations from the first translation


Vuosisadan rakkaustarina

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