walk on air

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Idiomatic translations of "walk on air"

на седмото небе съм
To be beside oneself with joy.
over the moon
be in seventh heaven
be dancing in the streets
be floating on air
fou de joie
फूला न समाना
दिल की कली खिलना
În al nouălea cer

Meanings of "walk on air"


to be very delighted and excited.

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au comble de joie.

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"walk on air" i sångtexter

Chino & Nacho - Pretty Girl

This love that rises like the surf
When I hold your hand in the park
I walk on air
It seems like a lie that I don't remember anything anymore of

Hadise - Champion

Love arrested my heart
It made me walk on air
You, the one coming marvelously

Nilüfer - Tell me if there is

I find him by my side in my saddest moment
then I walk on air in his arms

Mutemath - Used To

I used to…

I used to walk on air,
I used to care,

Bryan Ferry - While My Heart Is Still Beating

Where's it all leading
Walk on air
Am I still dreaming

Sasha (Deutschland) - Take Good Care

You throw me up and down like a bouncing ball
And then I see you and I just don't care
I feel I'm ten foot tall and I could walk on air

Unheilig - Lost Heaven

Ride on

Walk on air
Move heaven in this

Elena Voynarovskaya - Guys Were Leaving for War...

The world shall choke with its own insanity!
Having our torture finished,
You and I shall walk on air,
And the transparent blue twilight shall fold us in its arms...

Eiffel 65 - Another Race

It's another race away

They seem to walk on air
And they act pretty strange

Brody Dalle - Rat Race

Ain't no worry, I'm all fired up

Walk on air, thin air
Come back down to us forever

BOY - Army

You should see my favorite people,
You catch a glimpse of gold through their skins.
I walk on air whenever I'm with them,
They're where the happiness begins.

Britt Nicole - Amazing Life

It's a colorful, colorful world painted so bright
Gonna walk on air, gonna take flight
I'll never understand it all (Never understand it all)

Stephanie J. Block - One Day

Go live how you want to
Go love who you want to
And walk on air

Vicki Lawrence - He Did With Me

Walking down the street
For all the world to see
And if it seems you walk on air
Well, who wouldn't be?

Garou - Beautiful Regret

Even when it rains
She's dancing there
She can walk on air
If she wants to, if she wants to

Oasis - The Hindu Times

I can't swim - but my soul won't drown
I do believe - I got flare
I got speed and I walk on air