Walt Disney Parks and Resorts (OST) - Feel The Magic [Disneyland Paris]


Feel The Magic [Disneyland Paris]

In your heart there's a place
A magical space where it all begins
With your mind as a guide, you light up inside
And it starts to spin
Open your mind
A fantasy in time
Open your eyes to find a brand new world
A shining star
Euro Disneyland
The dream is comin' true
Euro Disneyland
A world of wonder and it's all for you
Come on along and follow us
Into a land of make-believe
A kingdom built on fairy tales
Wishing stars and children's dreams
Euro Disneyland, this is your land
Of wonderland and make-believe
When you wish upon a star,
All your dreams will come true
(All your dreams will come true)
Euro Disneyland, feel the magic
Feel the Neverland of fantasy
Where the feeling lives within your heart
And the magic never ever ends
Welcome to this special place
Where the young and the young at heart
Can love and learn and laugh and play
Follow us, we're on our way
Just like a private shining star
The magic will find you wherever you are
We're going to make your dreams come true
There's a world of wonder all for you
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