Word of mouth

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Idiomatic translations of "Word of mouth"

Le bouche à oreille
(Ići) od usta do usta
Boca a boca

Meanings of "Word of mouth"


"Verbal means of passing on information."

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передаваемое в устной форме; устное, непосредственное общение.

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"Word of mouth" i sångtexter

REOL - wanna

Cashback from the big-shots' loans
An addictive scheme that's way too stoic
Word of mouth grows little by little

Famous Dex - PICK IT UP

My shit might go platinum first week (uh)
Play this shit back and repeat it (uh)
Word around, word of mouth, word around town
You the one doin' all the murder 'round town

Snow tha Product - I Don't Wanna Leave Remix

And if I switched the style up like 50 said
And wilded out and piled it up?
Fuck a hater, word of mouth ain’t never done shit for me
But spread the word that I’m the fucking hardest ever

Niña Pastori - By word of mouth

By word of mouth, they go
By word of mouth, they go
The rumors are jumping

Fabri Fibra - A round of applause for Fibra

Youbought my CD and you sing it all by the heart
It's a scandal when you burnt it for half of the school
This is my word of mouth, this is the year "down with Vibra"
Double F is my initials guys

Heldmaschine - Propaganda


Word of mouth

Boss AC - Friday

They bury the country, the people takes it
But some day the bubble bursts
By word of mouth in the social networks
You hear truths that are not in the newspapers

Rihanna - What's my name?

Yeah, I heard you good with them soft lips
Yeah you know word of mouth
The square root of 69 is 8 somethin', right?

Camila Cabello - Inside Out

I wanna love you inside out
Show me what your inside bout
I don't wanna know the word of mouth
Cause I wanna love you inside out

Jorge Vercillo - Monalisa

And life, with so much generosity,
By the word of mouth, among friends,
Got me acquainted with you

Gracia de Triana - The Daughter of Mr. Juan Alba

Locked in her bedroom
And the whole world repeats
The song by word of mouth
The daughter of Mr. Juan Alba

Sevyn Streeter - Before I Do

I heard about, you and your other situation
Through word of mouth
They made it seem so complicated

Rapsodos Filologos - Doomed for deadly penalty

People who finished them penalties they solve them ties
They went home and they told the history in their neighborhood
By word of mouth the legend bruitted
By change I heard about it

Rabih Baroud - Not a word of mouth

I have to kiss your palms every ten heartbeats

"I love you" is not a word of mouth
this word is worth blood

The Gloomcatcher - Four

Somehow I've forgotten

All of the fires, they spread so fast by word of mouth
And the mouths with their tongues saying words that I already said

Adda - The world's mouth

And we'll love each other like lunatics

I don't smooch the world's mouth[fn]Refers to gossip, word of mouth, etc.[/fn]
I kiss your mouth

Vexxatu Vexx - A hand

Peace for my brothers who are with me
They're the ones who'll inherit the kingdom
An old saying, from the word of mouth:
Either with the dick in the pussy, or with the soul in Heaven

Kehlani - Too Much

Gotta know that I sent that
Text in the middle of the night to tell your ass how to fuck that flight
Cause I can't sit at home, on your couch, listening to word of mouth
Bout how you been out and about, fucking hoes, [?]

Alla Pugachova - How many those who fell into this abyss*

And ask you to love me

Love me at day and at night, in writing and by word of mouth,
For my truth and my lies

Amy Shark - Spits On Girls

Well I hope one day it all comes out
Believe in the power of word of mouth
I know everybody in this town