有你的江湖 (yǒu nǐ de jiāng hú) ( översättning till engelska)


有人贪 一时明月 辞别 仙石洞天
有人藏 一捧白雪 踏入 此去经年
我临帖三千 写不出 对你的思念
你眉眼一点 我双手一牵 就生死无怨
有你的江湖 糊涂 糊涂
梦里不问出路 是非黑白 都不顾
没你的江湖 孤独 孤独
梦醒山中迷雾 谁能分辨 何处是归处
有你的江湖 劫数 劫数
可谁害怕不复 山重水复 都不顾
没你的江湖 何物 何物
梦醒无人信步 穷我一生 要与你同路
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OP for 風靈玉秀

översättning till engelska engelska (commented)
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A world with you

There are people that give up immortality1 for a glimpse of moonlight
There are people, hiding a handful of snow2, stepping into what’s long gone
Even if I write three thousand pages, I can’t express how much I miss you
The look of your eyes, our hands together, makes my life worth living
A world with you, is confusing, confusing
Within a dream, not wanting to leave, not considering right and wrong
A world without you, is lonely, lonely
Waking up in a mountain mist, who can tell me which way to go?
A world with you, is misfortune, misfortune3
Not afraid of dying, mountains and rivers won’t stop me
A world without you, would be for what? for what?4
Waking up, no one’s strolling around, I’ll give up everything to live this life with you
  • 1. Lit: say farewell to the immortal stone where the gods reside, or something like that. Not sure exactly what this means, could be a cool name or may be something relevant in the plot in the future. This post ( gives a theory that this refers to 浮玉之山 (the mountain of floating jade) from myth
  • 2. Probably refers to 一捧雪, a legendary jade cup that could maintain constant temperature, when wine was poured into it it would make snowflakes. Drinking from this cup could cure diseases and ward evil. So this line probably refers to legendary treasures being lost.
  • 3. A type of unfortunate destiny in Buddhism, but is probably being used ironically here.
  • 4. Rhetorically asking what’s the purpose of a world without you
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* Clarification for the title
A world with you, meaning a world that contains you, a world that has you

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