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За тебе хората говорят (Za tebe horata govoryat) ( översättning till engelska)

översättning till engelska engelska (poetisk, sångbar)

For you the people say

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I remember the church and the people
The misty alleys and the raining
You come for me and pass forever
Pain remains for all the people
The sun is knowledge, the moon is shining
In your eyes the sun is awaiting.
With light and caress you remember
and fiery passions you ignite for me
And people remember
The rains of the country.
The grass is green again
But peace is slowly fading.
I don't believe in the Caesar
I believe in love and the princesses.
I give knee to the Kingdom
I drink light and I love you!
Detta är en poetisk översättning - avvikelser från originalet förekommer (ytterligare ord, ytterligare eller utelämnad information, utbytta koncept).
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За тебе хората говорят (Za tebe horata govoryat)

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