Joe Dassin - À mon fils (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

To My Son

Now that you’re here, so fragile
I have never felt so small
You know, I am worried
I am so afraid to drop you
You are a bit like me, you’ll be too impatient
Not always very serious, but I think
We will be happy together
We have the same blood in our veins
And yet we look at each other, surprized
You don’t know yet that you love me
And that for you to be born I loved someone
You are a bit like her, you’ll be generous
Ready to do anything and I think
We will be happy the three of us
You know, I won’t be here as you grow up
And it won’t be me who teaches you
To read or play football
You will sometimes say “daddy”
You will be an adult when I get out
Just let me hold him for a while, just a little while
Here, take him gently, very gently.
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Shortly before he died Joe Dassin tried his hand at a musical called “Little Italy”. At the time (in the autumn of 1979) Joe Dassin’s life was in turmoil. His marriage with Christine Delvaux was on the rocks, even though they were expecting their second child. His health was deteriorating (ulcers and heart attacks) and he perhaps experienced what we would now call a serious burn-out. The songs of “Little Italy” were to be sung by him and the Italian singer Marcella Bella (1950). Because of his death the musical was never produced on stage. An album called “Little Italy” (with all the songs in Italian) was first released by CBS in 1982, some two years after his death. A CD version with the songs sung in French was released in 1989. This CD contained new material unknown to the public (except for the single “À mon fils” – “To my son”). The quality is perhaps not great, because the songs were recorded in haste. The accompanying video material shows Joe Dassin and his wife Christine Delvaux at their house in Feucherolles with their eldest son Jonathan, on his first birthday September 14, 1979.

Adapted by: Claude Lemesle, Pierre Delanoë
Arrangement: Johnny Arthey
Producer: Jacques Plait
Authors: Gianni Guarnieri, Michelle Vasseur, Vito Pallavicini


À mon fils

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