Странник (Strannik) (İngilizce çevirisi)

  • Şarkıcı: Kuzina (Кузина)
  • Şarkı: Странник (Strannik)
  • Çeviriler: İngilizce

Странник (Strannik)

01. Вечером огни зажигаются во тьме.
02. В городе ночном я иду к тебе.
03. Где-то вдалеке слышу я зов твой.
04. По правилам любви мне нельзя с тобой.
05. Где ты,
06. Тайный странник?
07. Кто ты,
08. Тьмы посланник?
09. Где же
10. Этой ночью
11. Взять меня ты
12. Хочешь, хочешь, хочешь?
13. Появись скорей в темноте ночной.
14. Если ты придёшь, не придёт другой.
15. Вместе быть с тобой - это не для нас.
16. Отдаюсь тебе я в последний раз.
[Припев] (2 раза)
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İngilizce çevirisiİngilizce
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01. The lights fire up in the dusk of the evening.
02. I am searching for you in the night city.
03. Somewhere far away I can hear your call.
04. But I shouldn't be with you by the rules of love.
05. Where are you,
06. The nameless stranger?
07. Who are you,
08. Coming from the dark?
09. Where, now,
10. This night,
11. Do you want to
12. Take me, take me, take me?
13. Come on, let me see you in the darkness of the night,
14. If you come with me, then it won't be someone else,
15. But to stay together - that's not for us,
16. And I'll be yours for the last time.
[Chorus] (2 times)
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Yazarın yorumları:

[1]. The title can be also translated as "Wanderer" or "Pilgrim" and Line 06 as "Enigmatic (Mysterious, Unknown) wanderer", but these translations give gothic/medieval/religious air to the song, which does not seem to be there.
[2]. The band name "Кузина" can be translated as (female) "Cousin". But it is the surname of the singer: "Кузин(а)", which is a common Russian surname.
[3]. Line 04 may have a double meaning:
"04. But the rules of love don't work for us [don't apply to you]."
or, the same, in more words:
"04. But when I am with you, I can't follow [act by] the rules of love."
[4]. Line 16: "Отдаюсь" can be translated as:
"16. And [I'll be yours]/[I am yours]/[I am being yours] for the last time."

Translation: N.M.Sh., April-October 2019, Ufa.
Перевод: НМШ, Апрель-Октябрь 2019, Уфа.

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