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İngilizce translation

Foreign Land

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Hazy gloom envelops sore heart,
Licks the wounds with cold breeze lava,
Quells the glints of past nirvana
In befuddled weary brain.
The remorse here can't be measured,
There's no faith in vain repentance.
Break the walls in savage vengeance -
I can't breathe in here like Cain.
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Ok, I get it that most of you just can't bring yourselves
to pressing "Thanks" when you have already enjoyed
and probably sung an equirhythmic rhymed translation
and then realized that you couldn't have done a better
one yourself. Yet, avoiding this gesture implicitly helps
to promote other, often subpar work on this site. St.
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[ER-p] Equirhythmic rhymed translation.
The running meter: [ ^- ^- ^- ^- ]

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