Я в коем веке помню Вас (İngilizce çevirisi)

  • Şarkıcı: Venya Drkin (Веня Д’ркин)
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I, Once in a Blue Moon, Remember You

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I, once in a blue moon,1 remember you,
Like today -- a young lady in the garden
You had a black Newfoundland (dog)
And a horse in its reins
I remember a lady at the ball,
Like today -- velvet on satin,
Once again, I'm in love with you,
Flowers littered the floor
Monsieur Marco's traveling circus,
And you have a huge red bow,
And I am a vagabond musician,
And you have turned the wheel.2
I remember (as ridiculous as it is now):
I'm a shepherd, you're my wife
And I drink wicked wine
From your bold blue eyes
I'm the feather-grass that grew on the field
And you have Potemkin blood3
I was still in love with you --
A pllow wet from tears
It seems my well-worn shoes,
Under the dust of a thousand cities,
Drank destiny-dew.
I found you... no words are needed...
  • 1. or "once in a great while"
  • 2. not sure
  • 3. noble blood
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Я в коем веке помню Вас

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