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特攻隊節 (Tokkoutai Bushi) (İngilizce çevirisi)

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燃料片道 テンツルシャン
行くは琉球 死出の旅
エーエ 死出の旅
地上離れりや テンツルシャン
想ひだします 母の顏
エーエ 母の顏
雨よ降れ降れ テンツルシャン
整備する身の この辛さ
エーエ この辛さ
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This is a traditional Japanese wartime song about the Kamikaze pilots. Composer and lyricist unknown.


İngilizce çevirisiİngilizce
Paragrafları hizala

Song of the Kamikaze Unit

Versiyonlar: #1#2
We load fuel for a one-way trip - tentsurushan1
while crying.
Our destination is Ryukyu2, our journey to the other side,3
oh, our journey to the other side.
As we leave the ground - tentsurushan
it is our farewell to this world.
We think about our mothers' faces,
oh, our mothers' faces.
Oh rain, fall, fall - tentsurushan
with all your might, oh rain.
This bitterness from us maintenance workers,
oh, this bitterness.4
  • 1. Some kind of onomatopoeia for the shamisen interlude, it seems.
  • 2. A group of southern, Japanese islands.
  • 3. Euphemism for death.
  • 4. This stanza seems to be from the ground staff's point of view, who hope for rain so that the kamikaze pilots will be unable to take off.
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There are a lot of different translations of this song, perhaps because the original text lacks pronouns. I have taken a few small liberties with this.

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Bu, çeviriyle ilgili düzeltme, öneri vs. almaktan memnun olacağı anlamına gelmektedir.
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Pretty sure it starts with "The tears roll down our cheeks as we load the fuel tentsurushan"

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