羅賓 (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation


How many novels or movies, cartoon or comic,
exaggerated Batman to be so great.
I don’t know why to be surprise.
Even at the most interesting section,
shouldn’t we pay attention to the sidekick behind the warrior?
The bullets just fly passes, must feel a bit scare.
Blocking the knife with bare hand, how?
You told me to go, I instantly go.
After work, please be grateful.
When I climb the tower bare handed, please drag me up.
“Still alright?”, say it.
How many love in this world will never bargain.
*Being the best friend of Batman, must have a heart that is not scare of dying.
What I have done for you, is like rejecting a long life.
*Whether you want to save the universe or sit at the roof to gaze at the moon,
I will always be there, being a sidekick.
Hard to distinguish left and right, I only get your back.
Still waiting for you, when you lift your head I will follow you.
*Whether penguin controlling the weather or the joker is attacking the world.
I will be accompanying you to face each and every one of them.
I wanted every news to cover me, don’t leave me out.
Best friend, or love,
I am happy to embarrassed myself, accept everything.
Perhaps my role determined my fate.
You told me to block (I push), I block (I push).
Even if I got hit by a bullet, I will still keep it up.
To lift up a protagonist, you need a group of sidekick.
Oscar will give me “Best backdrop”.
Not worthy to have your surname,
so I will follow you, and still be happy.
Not lover, but we will travel together.
Boy or girl and old or youth, there is an excuse.
Better than being a master, all this is just an excuse to make me feel better.
After crying, the service will remain the same.
Perhaps my role determined my fate.
Being able to be with you to the end, who would worry to be a sidekick and lose all the freedom.
The whole world will admire this sidekick.
Even through this act, I can only get the lease amount of shoot. Best friend, not fallen in love yet.
Willing to embarrass myself, truthful to you as usual.
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This song is in Cantonese, a Chinese dialect.



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