香水有毒 (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Perfume is Poisonous

I ever loved such a man
He said I was the most beautiful woman in the world
I kept my innocence for him
Closed the door to love someone else
*But also this beloved man I loved
Turned me into the world's most stupid woman
I believed in everything he said
He said he loved my purity the most
*My requirement is not high
Treat me as well as before
Yet someday you said the same thing
Then held someone else in your arms
*,**Your body has the smell of her perfume
It's the sin of my nose
Shouldn't smell her beauty
Erase everything and sleep with you
*,**Your body has the smell of her perfume
Is the inferiority that you give
The love you want is too perfect
(I can never learn)
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