Bacilos - Caraluna (İngilizce translation)

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Who says painless are
The footprints on the sand
She was swept away by the sea
But the moon is still there
But that moon is my punishment
Lingering in the morning
Stirring up at night
Are the voices of remembrance
Under the guise of intuition
And in a voice hides your voice
And I know that maybe
You'll never listen to my song; I know
And I know that maybe
I'll keep using you like this
Robbing you in my inspiration
As long as I still see your face on the face of the moon
As long as I still hear your voice
Amid the waves and the foam
As long as I feel the need to change the radio station
Because every song talks about you
About you
About you
(talks about you)
Life eludes me
Behind an unkept promise
From where inspiration is born, from where another song is born
And I don't really know who's hiding anymore
I don't know what's hiding anymore
Y yo se que tal vez
Y yo sé que tal vez
Robándote en mi inspiración
Chorus (2x)
I will go on searching; I will go on escaping
Maybe from you, maybe from me
I will go on searching for an explanation
Of this song
Chorus (2x)
Talks about you
Here, here
Talks about you
About you, about you
Talks about you, ayayayay
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