Die Liebe lässt mich nicht (İngilizce translation)

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Die Liebe lässt mich nicht

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I woke up this morning
and didn't know what for
I opened my eyes
and nobody lay beside me
I feel completely lifeless
even though my heart is still beating
Like this house I'm cold and empty
because half of it is missing
I've sworn to myself to manage
as good as possible
now look at me, I'm worth nothing anymore
like a heart that only beats out of pity
how can a person only be so cold
does it not concern you at all?
you give a shadow I cannot overcome
and I don't know
what shall I look for, which path shall I take
why can't I forget?
It has to be possible...(to forget)
Tell me
what else has to happen
until you mean nothing to me
I'd like to hate you
but love does not let me
love does not let me
I didnt want to think about you anymore
believe me, I've tried
Wanted to drown you (the remaining thoughts) in wine
But as you can see it didn't work
I wanted to end it here
but years cannot just be erased
they say time heals all wounds
but to me time tears them open again
how low do I have to go
until I wake up without you (in my mind)
How many days have to drown until also the last picture dulls
and I manage to start afresh
tell me when, tell me when
tell me how long...
Was muss noch passieren
Bist du nichts mehr für mich bist
Ich würd dich so gern hassen
Doch die Liebe lässt mich nicht
Die Liebe lässt mich nicht
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Die Liebe lässt mich nicht

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