Die letzte Tröte (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Die letzte Tröte

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"denying music to the nation"
spoke the king with wrath
instead honouring in still devotion
his pride and his courage (the people should do this)
so the news spread around the country
the servants/torturers/rogues (pick one, I dunno) were brutal and rude
and every instrument that was found
was in flames soon
But my horn was not found
I stood there, playing my songs
people gathered around me
we went to get them back
Ohh, how shall we sing of true heroes?
ohh, spending the night with wine and a woman?
ohh, in the courtyard of the castle its time for revolution
ohh, they have stolen music from us
the horn echoes through the streets
the people come from everywhere
the people that hate silence
gather in front of the castle's gate
the king's castle a tinderbox
surrounded by masses of people
and on the throne, with skin deathly pale
sits the king and feels left alone
Denn meine Tröte fand man nicht.
Ich stand da, spielte meine Lieder.
Die Leute scharten sich um mich.
Wir zogen los, holten sie uns wieder...
Ohh, wie sollen wir von wahren Helden singen?
Ohh, mit Wein und Weib die Nacht verbringen?
Ohh, im Burghof herrscht Revolution!
Ohh, man hat uns die Musik gestohlen!
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Die letzte Tröte

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