Einmal nur mit dir alleine sein (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Being alone with you for once

you stand there and look to the door - i look at you questioningly
I know she still can come - and hold my breath
the musicbox is playing our song
of desire - that only exists one time
but the tears in my face - you do not see
I just wanted to be alone with you for once
feel you close
wanted to dance with you, look you in the eyes
wanted to turn your head..
I wanted to be alone with you for once
wanted to touch you gently
I'm afraid of losing you completely today
because you still stare/look at the door
let us dance, just dance, the entire night
I'd give everything for it...
never have you told of "her", i believed you were "free"
it hurts so much when I see her, is everything over already?
don't make saying good-bye hard for me
i still love you very much
and never regretted our time together
I read the letter that you write me
and feel that you mean it
but what remains from our time is so distant/far away
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Einmal nur mit dir alleine sein

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