PMMP - Isin pikku tyttö (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Daddys little girl

When I was born I was more beautiful
than anyone else on the Earth
Relatives traveled to admire me
Listen up uncles!
I'm jumping to your face
and beating up the world
You should have raised me
a little better
At daycare I had allways to
be the princess
But I'd rather been
a massmurder
Look, my diploma
is first-class
We'll see
what academy
I shall aim at
If I walk my hard pointing up
it's an accedent
I have been beconing too much
I have a gangrene in my had
Look, my diploma
is first-class
Maybe I shall stars studying
When I learned how to talk, I said:
"I don't want any siblings"
I welcome you with a smile
scattering flowers onto the streets
I love it, I'm a heroine
I shall kiss everyone how walks towards me
This Sunday rocks
My Datsun got its summertires beneath it
Come closer and touch my hair
I hope you realise that its real
I'm just like my mother
I got her intelligence
I press a safety-pin against cheek
and therefore cause a clamor
I'm daddys little girl
He is so proud of me
It funny to have
money and presents
Daddy loves me more than anything
And thats bullshit, I don't have a dad
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Isin pikku tyttö

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