Kedb Fi Kedb (كدب فى كدب) (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

All Lies (lis on lies)

can you bellieve, i'm happy now coz i left you
pestering over me heart and it's gone when i left you and went away
it was finished safely, my heart would have gone for nothing
it was dead when it was beside you, and now it's alive again
your love to me, all lies, your heart don't know how to love
i tried alot, but i couldn't believe it
i tasted bitterniss in your love, and i'll die with my age shorten
my comming life, i barely will catch it
how could you be so patient with your heart with its ellusion, i should wake it up
can you imagine, just now, i felt what you mean to me
you're nothing, and i lived many years without knowing who you really are
you're someone who just wanted to hurt and betrayal
you live your life with thousand faces...
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Kedb Fi Kedb (كدب فى كدب)

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