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Keine Angst

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so far my life has been
a viscious circle
and waiting for the day to free me
was in vain
but since today
I hear the ghosts rumouring
in the whole street
I walked in the dark for years
now the spotlights are turned on
and the shadows vanish
and it gets light
all door were locked
I was with the back against the wall
now the door are wide open
I've got all keys in my hand
I didn't want to live my future
even yesterday I was still afraid of it
but today I'm in love with life
because I lost all fear of it
I'm ready like never before
to see what is waiting for me in the future
I'm freed
Whatever is waiting for me
whatever you ask, I take on the challenge
I'm not afraid of you
I've got a new life
and yep, it feels good
I stop talking
and finally start to begin
let the past slander
the past is hurt because I'm no longer faithful to it
because yesterday was yesterday
and today everything is different/new
Ich bin gefasst wie nie
Auf das was vor mir liegt
Ich bin befreit
Keine Angst vor dir
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Keine Angst

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