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But she

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But she
With you i am ok
I can't complain, no
without laces or chains
what more can i ask
really it can't (ask for more)
But she ... she
has something that I don't know ... I don't know
I can't explain-there is something more
that you unfortunately don't have-you don't have ... that you don't have
and has nothing to do with the physical side, I don't think
but maybe I'm telling a lie
and if i look inside of you - you are more
you are more beautiful of course - i see this - yes, but she
has something that i don't know...i don't know...It's a mistery
it's something more-that you unfortunately don't have
You don't have....You know, i no longer understand anything
not even i have to choose but i wouldn't know...i wouldn't want to
My problem remains -her ...
if I wanted to have a child-believe me I would have it with you
if I need an advice
i always believe in what you tell me...i know it's sincere
but she...has something that i don't know...i don't know
i don't know how to explain...there is something more
that you unfortunately don't don't have
my problem remains...always her
but she..she
but she...
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