Nicht mein Problem (İngilizce translation)

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Nicht mein Problem

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a car is going 210km/h
the police didn't see
kids already become criminals
and if bombs were dropped on the world, it wouldn't be
my problem
Eon makes millions of € of profits
and sends a letter of cancellation with it
the boss is on vacation on Hawaii while the BVG(the bus/tram/underground in Berlin) is on strike here
not my problem
and this is way too uncomfortable
but also not my problem at all
is there corruption in the comitee?
the whole nation elects the NPD (the neo nazi party)
pockets full (with money), the exchanges empty
even if Stoiber was chancellor (he was Angela Merkels contestant a few years ago)
not my problem
the next park will have to make room
for another subsidiary of McFit (it's a pretty large chain of gyms)
long-distance skiing in the Sahara
at the north pole a swimming pool opens
it's also not my problem
Kevin is an only child
father in jail, mother an alcoholic
Kevin beats up people without a reason
weighs 300 pounds, so what?
not my problem
lost the World Cup as host nation
Brunsbüttel (it's a nuclear power plant) is breaking in front of our eyes
the people fight each other
the last line doesn't rhyme, so what?
not my problem
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Nicht mein Problem

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