Zac Brown Band - Who Knows


Who Knows

Whooooa -- who knows?
When I was a baby child, my daddy said to me
Many mountains we must climb before we’ll be free
But he never told me about the bruises on my knees
How they would be the map that leads to where we need to be
And oh, that storm came down, forty days, forty nights
Who knows what the thunder and lightning will bring
Maybe the storm will cover my dreams
Maybe the sun will shine no more
Who knows which way the wind is blowing
And we’ll look back on these things
And we won’t cry no more
Whooooa -- who knows?
Wandering blindly, searching for the truth
And anchored to a solid rock that we could hold on to
But there’s no tomorrow, not for everyone
Who will hear your last harsh words
When your time on earth is done
That sun goes down, forty days, forty nights
Hold your lamp down
Don’t let the wind blow it out
Hold that light, child
And one day it’s gonna shine
Sing until the darkness it is lifted
Sing until the darkness it is lifted
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