Aghadan Alkak (اغدا القاك) (İngilizce translation)

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اغدا القاك | will i meet you tomorrow | agadan alkak

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?Will i meet you tomorrow
O' my heart's fear from tomorrow
O' my longing and eagerness for the promissed date.
O' how i fear this tomorrow,
O' how i desire its coming.
I was yearning for it to be close,
but fear took over me when the date came
and joy Spreaded when it responded
That's how I lived among grace and agony
Free soul, and a heart melted down for its craving
Will i meet you tomorrow, O' paradise of my love and longing and madness
O' you, goal of my soul O' my grief
Will your lights shine upon the darkness of my eyes
I call for you with longing and preyers in my
O' my hope, how painfull is this long hope
If it isnt for you, i would not care for the passing of those who come and those who go
I live for a tomorrow filled with dreams of our meeting
So, come.
Or dont.
Or do to my heart what you want.
This world is a book, you're its ideas
This world is nights, you're its days
This world is an eye, you're its vision
This world is a sky, you're its moon
So, be mercifull with the heart that desires you
Because tomorrow you'll have it between the palm of your hands.
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Aghadan Alkak (اغدا القاك)

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