Agnes Obel - just so


just so

Black turns beat me bright.
Turning on the light.
is gonna be the day
your hear somebody say...
We need you right away.
mh mh mhmmm
Tiptoe over the floor
What are you waiting for?
So so and no more...
Thats all to be, so before
is gonna be the day
you hear somebody say...
We need you right away!
You hear the moments kick and play
The order og the day is already in your way
mhm mh mhmmm..
The window shade, the nurse and maid
To let it all just work away
From head to toe
where shadows grows
Since forever and a day..
Quiet moments home
Where some do you roam?
Today is gonna be the day
Your hear somebody say
We need you right away
No time for tea or lemonade
Some moments at the day
Were only half awake...
Drink a toast to the sun
To the things that never gone
To the break of the day
That is all I say...
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