Per Amarti (İngilizce çevirisi)

  • Sanatçı: Enrique Iglesias (Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler)
  • Şarkı: Per Amarti 4 çeviri
  • Çeviriler: Çekçe, Fransızca, Hırvatça, İngilizce
İngilizce çevirisiİngilizce

To love you

Love is saying the thing that you would never say
Love is walking with her for eternity
Love is when I stay still, thinking of where you are
Love is when you don't understand what you're doing anymore
Love is when you protect her from the wind and rain
Love is when you take her in your arms and forget the time
Love is when you think of her and you can't eat
Love is when she tells you things and you're happy to listen
To love you,
I would search the seven seas
To love you
I would ask at night to touch you
I would make myself part of the rain
even the fire
To love you
I would give my life
Just to kiss you
Love is when you write her name and your hand trembles
Love is when you dream of going far away with her
Love is when you see her and meet her eyes
Love is when you are surprised by how much you affect her
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There's a mistake in the third verse: Per amarti ti verrei a cercare
The second "ti" shouldn't be there

Can somebody check the chorus for me - my knowledge of the conditional in Italian is a little rusty!


Per Amarti

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