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Andrea Doria (İngilizce çevirisi)

İngilizce çevirisiİngilizce

Andrea Doria

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Sometimes it seemed like believing too much
In everything we thought was so correct
We’d have the whole world and even a little bit more:
We’d make a forest from the desert
And diamonds from pieces of glass
But now I realize
That your smile
Comes different
Almost like hurting you
I didn’t want to see you like this
I want your fierce like it was before.
What you’ve got is only yours
And it’s not worth it run away
And not feel anything anymore
Sometimes it seemed all we needed was to improvise
And then the world would be a open book
Till the day we tried to have too much,
Selling cheap what didn’t have price.
I know – everything’s meaningless
I want to have someone to talk to
Someone that later won’t use what I say
Against me.
Nothing else will hurt me.
It’s just that I already got use
To the wrong way I took
With my own law.
I’ve got what last
I’m too lucky
Like I know you are too.
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Andrea Doria

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