Christina Stürmer - Astronaut (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation


You're like an astronaut
Who blindly trust his fate
You see how the earth cicles
What will you do when you don't have air anymore
You're like an astronaut
Who builds on lonely dreams
But you don't come near to the stars
Because the stars are totally out of reach
Which "I" do you mean when you say
That you don't ask for permission
Who lives inside of you when you fall asleep
Who goes with you wherever you go
Who will find what you loose
Who will ask what you risk
Who ends what you begin
Who will ask if you win
Tell me how it is up there
Is it right that one forgets us very fast
Do you come back when you know this
Will you know how you will be called then
Who begins where you stop
Do you know what belongs to it as well
Who will know what is right
Do you know somebody who misses you
I still have
One last question
Tell me, are you happy as well
Because if the answer is No
You'll have to change something
Listen to what I have to tell you
You're already much too close
Too close to the sun
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