Stahlmann - Auf Ewig (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

For All Eternity

I'll build for you a golden throne in Time
I'll go for you through the raging storm of suffering
I'll thrust for you my golden sword into the day
And bear you in my world, until deep in my grave
I'll go for you to the ends of the earth
To the end of time
On a crusade into the light, into the dark
To the ends of the earth
For all eternity yours
To see that your will be done
Now and Forever²
I'll stand up again for you at the end of the battle
I'll go for you and do your bidding in the war³
I'll hold fast to you and on the cross I'll pray to you on high
And bear you and your fury in my belly
Deep down inside me
And I'll draw a star that touches you⁴
And feel how your shadow still leads me
I'll count the flowers on the grave
on that damned day
Chorus 2x
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¹Capitalized to try to somehow convey that he doesn't mean he'll build it before it's too late.

²I departed a little from a strictly literal translation in these two lines, to emphasize the allusion to the Lord's Prayer, and to keep the "To" at the beginning of the line. Incidentally, in the original, "das" should be "dass."

³I'm actually totally baffled by "im Kamp dienen Lauf führen" here. It could almost mean "I'll run your heat for you in the competition" but that would be ridiculous in the middle of this song. "Lauf machen" would mean "be your errand-runner" and "Waffen führen" would mean "bear arms" and "Krieg führen" would mean "wage war" and "ins Gefecht führen" would mean to advance (in battle, as opposed to retreat). "Lauf" can be a gun barrel. But none of this will come together for me into an understanding of this phrase. Sorry! Will a native speaker of German help me out here?

⁴OK, this song is full of esoteric meanings that I'm just not metal enough to get. Sorry.


Auf Ewig

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