Back in the days

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Meanings of "Back in the days"


Expressed as 'back in the day', or 'back in someone's day' it refers to years past. Usually when the person speaking was young. So it is dependent on the age of the individual speaking. It's not a uniform date or time.

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Εκείνη την εποχή..

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Antiguamente, En aquella época

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"Back in the days" in lyrics

2Pac - Starin' Through My Rear View

Back in the days we hustled for sneakers and beepers
Nine-six for glocks cause fiends hittin up blocks with street sweepers

2Pac - Me and my girlfriend

I was too immature
To understand your ways, inexperienced back in the days
Caused so many arguments and strays

Marteria - Kids (2 fingers on the head)

Everybody's on diet – nobody eats meat anymore
Nobody has a funnel – all guzzling wine
Back in the days everyone was crocked by thursday
I'm sitting on a sofa, smoking all the stuff on my own

Van Morrison - Into the mystic

And I want to rock your gypsy soul
Just like way back in the days of old
And together we will flow

Ronnie Flex - Little Sister

[Mr. Polska]
Girls, girls, girls, I have to be fair I do not understand you, no.
Girls girls girls, you wouldn't sit on the back of my bike back in the days, no.
Now look at your boy! With his new clothes on.

Marchelo - Marčelo

he works on an album, goes towards the top

And often dreams about you, back in the days
and our old street

Gentleman - In My Arms

Remembering those days what we call the undercover time
We couldn't make a link we couldn't say see you another time
Back in the days when I wish you were mine
And I would have been in custody if loving was a crime

Happoradio - Che Guevara

For a passing while, would that bring back the rush of danger
which twisted our stomachs
back in the days
when we painted our eyes with black,<fn>“Painted our eyes with black” is both a reference to the schoolyard “rebels” or outcasts using strong or unconventional makeup, such as black eyeliner (think of glam rockers, punk rockers, goths/emos and such), and a more specific reference to Stanley Kubrick’s classic film (an adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ dystopian novel) <a href=""><em>A Clockwork Orange</em></a>, where the main characters are acting in a very rebellious and anti-social way and wear a very specific kind of black eye makeup. The official music video, once again, features a recognizable image of the eyes of “Alex”, the main character of the novel/film.</fn>

Movits! - Balaclavaboogie

of bloody course you get paranoid when the heads walk around dressed like Remmington Steele

(It) takes you back, back in the days, Norrmalmstorg, Maynard Keynes.
Walks in with a gun in Manhattan Chase, was gonna make a withdrawal, say excuse me

Cro - 400,000 Pandas Remember

Now here comes Markus Beck ²
recording a track with Carlo
and it feels like “back in the days
I’m finally ready ⁴

Puddle of Mudd - Psycho

You're the one, you're the one who is the schizophrenic psycho

Back in the days when we were young
When everything was like a loaded gun

Cro - 400.000 Pandas erinnern sich

Kommt grad Markus Beck
Mach mit Carlo 'nen Track
Und das hier fühlt sich an wie "Back in the Days"
Bin endlich am Start

Alex Velea - Don't say it's over

Let me just say I'm so happy today
I've seen the picture from back in the days
I've seen you are nervous when I see your face

Nik & Jay - Take Me Back

Back in the days we'd always hang out at the centre of the city
Nothing to do, but always fire happening
Cause suburban life was a private party and
Pull a girl, let loose and on to the next one

Diabolic - Frontlines

Nephilim bury em with the bullets left in em
My heart is blacker than the children of Thomas Jefferson
Blacker than back in the days of the tar and feathering
The cancerous endocrine, the ego that’s American

Rap City: Tha Basement - Method Man in the booth

You know how we do when me and my crew bang,
been rapping this kid, since he was down with Wu-Tang.
Back in the days, into the chamber 36,
Big Tig' putting it down in dirty mix, provided by EQ,

Eldrine - One More Day

Pay for the hopeless desire

Turn back in the days when you desired and craved and all the way you felt just like burned in the flame

Vanilla Unity - Understand

i understand. Up to now I still can't forget you.
Inside a distant memory, It seems like time was taken away.
If I could change, i wanna back in the days
The love that came passed us by.

Mariah Carey - Candy Bling

But somedays
I sit and wish we was in love again
Back in the days we were in love
We're not in love anymore

Nalan - Its Over

Our love has come to an end too

I begged you many times back in the days
You never listened to me

Vanilla Unity - Understand

I understand ajikggaji itji mottae
aryonhan giyoge shiganeul bbaetgindeutte
dollil so itamyon I wanna back in the days
ddonagan sarangun jinagan ilbbuniramyo

L'Assemblée - Swan Song

I remember back in the days, on the run, yo
There were two smart-asses hanging out in East Montreal
Max and Jim, yo
They dreamt of becoming Ironik and Narkoi, man [fn]Ironik and Narkoi are the stage names of the aforementioned Max and Jim.[/fn]

Movits! - Balaclavaboogie

Klart som fan att man blir paranoid när huvudmännen går klädda som Remington Steele

Tar det tillbaka, back in the days, Norrmalmstorg, Maynard Keynes
Kliver in med skjutjärn på Manhattan Chase, tänkte göra ett uttag, säg ursäkta mig

Yeleen - Confessions

Deep inside of me
It is not joy
It is not like back in the days

Brown Eyed Girls - Come Closer To Me

I hate myself more (I cannot forget the days)
Even though its the memories that left
I hate so much (we were like one back in the days)
I clasp my hands together

F.K.Ü. - Agent Amy Steel

Back in the days we first sighted
Her shields gleaming bright up in the sky
Now the day is getting so much closer
She will return for the masses to see

Vanilla Unity - Understand

I understand 아직까지 잊지 못해
아련한 기억에 시간을 뺏긴듯해
돌릴 수 있다면 I wanna back in the days
떠나간 그 사람 포근한 품에서

SMC Lähiörotat - Lähiörotat skujaa

Ne ajat on takana muttei kaukana: ”Ajat muuttuu, miehet ei”, oli tapana sanoa.
Ššš, ei pysty jauhaa (ššš) vaan ne jutut ne muistetaan kauan.
Lauttiksen paskis ja pulu, kuule junnu, mulle sillo back in the days se iski ku rumpu.
Sokkarinkoppi oli hottispotti, kaikki sähköboksit osumia otti.

Sido - One of Those Stones

With you I can talk about anything
Or just without words simply gesticulate
Back in the days, I was sure I'd never have it figured out
You led me down new paths

Scorpions - Rollin' Home

Way back in the days
It feels so long ago
But I remember it well
Always looking for a pot of gold

Negramaro - Coming back love

Coming back love
Were you to come back in the days
Don't you try to find in me what you can't remember

L'Assemblée - Le chant du cygne

J'me souviens back in the days on the fuite, yo
Yavais deux ti-culs qui trainaient dans l'est de Montréal
Max pi Jim, yo
Ils rêvaient de devenir Ironik Narkoi, men

Jonne Aaron - The wanderer's heart

I'm looking at the world with the eyes of a travelling man
only seldom do I indulge in worrying about what's to come
Just a wanderer in luck I am, this part I was given already at birth back in the days

Agent Steel - Agents of Steel

Back in the days we first sighted
Their shields gleaming bright in the sky
The light that was brighter than fire
Forced cowards to run out of spite

Panic! at the Disco - High Hopes

Go make a legacy
Manifest destiny
Back in the days
We wanted everything

John Paul Young - I Hate the Music

It just reminds of the things we did together
The way we used to be, the day when life was better
Back in the days you were with me-ee

J. Cole - School Daze


Yea, Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.

Lura - Have a Great Time

I miss my elders
I miss my close friends
from back in the days when we had fun in Achada Falcão

Gio (Germany) - The childhood

Back in the days it always went like this,
watching TV after school, One Piece and Yu-Gi-Oh!
I was small then and everything was easy
look, I didn´t need mutch, my pocket money was enough.

Wortfeind - Letters (instead of feelings.)

Well what is love,
If everybody is a big love.
Back in the days it was existent,
To a joined end.

Brown Eyed Girls - Come Closer (다가와서)

내가 더 미워(I cannot forget the days)
날 때리는 건 추억들인데 그래서 싫어
(we were like one back in the days)
또 주워 담는 내 두 손

Brown Eyed Girls - DaGaWaSuh

nega do miwo (I cannot forget the days)
nal terinun gon chuogdurinde
gureso shirho (we were like one back in the days)
to juwo damnun ne du son

Mafia K’1 Fry - For those

Tho those who love real funk, I'm not talking about the Mia [fn]Referring to the iconic IAM (One of the biggest name in French rap history !) hit, Je Danse Le Mia.. by the way, you have to check it out.[/fn]

Without a weapon, holding back tears like Kelly Joyce [fn]Referring to a pop song from back in the days which has this line[/fn]
It doesn't concern you so right now, just turn off your TV

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - BTS Cypher PT.1

고막을 타고 니 몸을 채워
칼을 갈았어, 내일을 위해
get back in the days
나이도 나이고, 라임도 몰랐던 아이고

Limp Bizkit - Loser

Check it out!

Back in the days there was ways
I was moving on guns all ablaze

Movits! - Wrong part of the yard

When they did what they did back in the days
When they did what they did back in the days
Yes, when they did what they did back in the days
So Goddamn, I stood there outside..

K.I.Z. - What Would Manny Marc do?

I have to wash daddy, even if he is 50
Mummy left us a long time ago, he's sitting there drinking
Back in the days, he was the one who taught me how to ride bike
Today, he is the one who doesn't notice that he just shat himself

Sir Sly - Where I'm Going

Ah ah ah [x4]

Back in the days
Boys used to play

Biz Markie - The Vapors

But now things switched, without belief
"Yo, Biz, do you remember me from Noble Street, chief?
We used to be down back in the days"
It happens all the time and never cease to amaze

Limp Bizkit - Lonely World

When i reminisce ignorance was bliss,
Back in the days where the magic exist
Never be the same as it was, 'cuz the way it was

Emis Killa - The True ones know it + Once upon a time

past is a flashback
I can't go back being the one of Check Check
(back in the days)
Aigor, press REC, new track on MySpace

Emis Killa - Lo sanno i veri (intro) + C'era una volta

Yeah, per quanto possa amare il rap
il passato è un flashback
non posso ritornare ad esser quello di Check Check (back in the days)
Aigor schiaccia REC, nuova traccia su MySpace

Grebz - Копы

Не перебивай! Не перебивай!
Пусть стены дрожат и трещат по швам.
Это back in the days, где тебе в самый раз.
Нас ненавидят копы.

T-Pain - I Might Have To Go

Thought I had you fooled,baby.Ah ah(Ah ah)
How many time have I just had to lie to your face baby.Ahhh(Ahhh)
Wish I never would have come into your place back in the days
I was wrong, yeah

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - BTS Cypher PT.1

Gomageul tago ni momeul chaewo
Kareul garasseo, naeireul wihae
Get back in the days
Naido naigo, raimdo mollatdeon aigo

Kollegah - Legacy (Englische Übersetzung)

And if it really was platonic in your rented city loft
Why does Dimitri Chpakov rhyme with 'kneedeep in an asshole'?
I wanted to bash you to mince back in the days,
But I was too blinded by the glistening rhinestone jacket

Subcarpați - Be patient heart

I'll decorate it tradinionally
Since I wake up until I go to sleep, I still dream about it
I'll learn agriculture, like my grandfather back in the days
I'll learn agriculture, to feed myself and survive with it

SDP - Hands up

This is no nuclear strike, this is our applause
SDP, there's no cooler job
Back in the days only the two of us dissed a whole school
Because nobody has ever seen a band like us

Abidaz - Nitti5

Bara para, strictly bizz, ge mig fet hus jag kan sova i
Rullar fin skit mannen jag är E.T, ringer hem till mamma säger take it eazy
Back in the days those homies ba gör skit, men nu för tiden hela skiten i en tidning
Vi lägger cash har aldrig fuckat med någon leasing, 69-66 som [?]

Nost3 & Protro - Bailando

now hands to the ceiling and beat that floor
Back to the 90s suddenly
it was back in the days, that's why memory is stuttering
Women dancing naughtily

Dschinghis Khan - Judas

Jude (Judas) Judas (Judas) Judas Iscariot
Judas Judas, back in the days, at the red of dawn...

Alligatoah - Alli-Alligatoah

wheat grain)
You can find my record under "joke articles" in the stores
Are you as excited as me for later? Because then this song will be remembered as "back in the days"
StRw isn't a trashy tape, it's soon going to be retro

L’Âme Immortelle - Why Didn't I Die?

Back in the days, everything seemed all right
Back in the days, the sun was bright (it hurt me)

Sauti Sol - Rewind

I wish we could rewind (iyeeea haha!)
Rewind (rewind)
<em>Uh, to the times tuli hustle mitaa back in the days</em>
I wish we could rewind (rewind)

Reyli Barba - I Will Stop Loving You

But today I will win; I found the way out
I will have faith in things again, I will live without lies
I will dream again, as I did back in the days
When I found you, when I loved you

O.T. Genasis - Get Me In Trouble

[Verse 2: AD]
Never let a bad bitch walk pass me
Back in the days, used to be with Ashley
Yeahs later I was trippin' over Casey

Alligatoah - Alli-Alligatoah

Kinda like a little bunny (or grain of wheat)
My album is in stores in the joke section.
Are you looking forward as much as I am to later? Then this song will be '' back in the days''.
StRw is not a trashy tape, it's retro.

His Statue Falls - Breathe in Breathe Out

We had a time when I was part of your mind

We used to be some kind of friends back in the days
It took some time to realize what's happening

Nost3 & Protro - Bailandoo

nyt kädet kattoon ja tamppaa mattoo
Ysäril bäkkii yhtäkkii
se oli back in the days, siks muisti pätkii
Mimmit tanssii tuhmasti

Damian Marley - Nah mean

It's a genocide, it's a genocide!
Fifth floor cooking raw, had my own supply,
'Cause of capitalist ways, that was back in the days,
So now I do rap and it pays.

Juicy J - Kamasutra

Want to put the tip in
You got me doing the moves that I used to do
Back in the days when I was strippin' (woo)
Baby, I'm hot, I'm fresh out the kitchen

Pierce the Veil - Song For Isabelle

But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again

Back in the days when I was young
I'm not a kid anymore

Natsushiro Takaaki - Juggernaut

(Trust me.I'll be back in the days.)
"Are melting"
(Trust Trust Trust Trust. Back in the days.)

Alligatoah - Alli-Alligatoah

Kommerz-Faschisten nehmen mich nicht ernst, so wie ein Zwerg-Kanickel (oder Weizenkorn)
Mein Album steht im Laden unter Scherzartikel
Freust du dich auch, so wie ich auf nachher? Denn dann fällt dieses Lied unter „back in the days
StRw ist kein trashiges Tape, es ist Retro in Spe

Dany Brillant - The rat

and you know, this guy is pretty tough.
When I see you, we go into the clearing
and there we play games like back in the days
and then you start eating brackens,

MC Solaar - Lève-toi et rap

Who got the funk ? Lève-toi et rap!

I remember way back in the days on my block...
Oh my God... Why ? ...I excel...

Knucklebone Oscar (Oskari Martimo) - Caveman

This is a life-long show

Back in the days when the grindasaus ruled the dancefloor, there was a sleaze that everybody knew about. Eight o’clock AM, PM, the people would get up and party and do the caveman.

The Hiatus - Deerhounds

I'm staring out in the world of pandemonium

Back in the days
Hands on deck

Grebz - Kopy

Ne perebivay! Ne perebivay!
Pust' steny drozhat i treshchat po shvam.
Eto back in the days, gde tebe v samyy raz.
Nas nenavidyat kopy.

Artister för tolerans och öppenhet - Our time - our country

Our time - our country... Our country... in our time.

Dreams from back in the days - nostalgia
Crooning on your melody

Stella Mwangi - You Got Me

Ah, come on

Once upon a time way back in the days
I used to walk a frown, I got a smile on my face

Eddie Meduza - Fat ugly stupid Americans

That was then, but with time I noticed
That the love got big ugly holes
Because back in the days we said "pick you up at eight"
Then came the ugly Nixon and his darn "Watergate"

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - Just Awake (English Version)

flee from this colorless world

Back in the days everything had shined so bright
we didn’t have to carry fear towards future

Siw Malmkvist - Thin slices

And to promise things now that it turns out I can do it,
so I guess I’ll come along for a bit.
For it to become thin slices like back in the days,
You can never make me hesitate.

Jonghyun - 02:34

Anytime Okay I’m becoming tipsy little by little
It’s okay Okay I remember those days of childishness little by little
You and me back in the days when we knew nothing
Today I remember those days

Jay Park - Worldwide

난 절대 AOMG 이길 맘이 없네
2010년부터 우린 형제처럼 컸네
Yes I remember back in the days
족발 뜯고 볼링 치며 놀러 댕기던 때

Civil War - Bay of Pigs

You know
Back in the days they remembered the world war
It was for real and just like a time bomb

Natsushiro Takaaki - Juggernaut

(Trust me.I'll be back in the days.)
"Tokashiteiku ondo'
(Trust Trust Trust Trust. Back in the days.)

Natsushiro Takaaki - Jagānōto (ジャガーノート)

ねえ 聴こえているんでしょう?

(Trust me.I'll be back in the days.)

Kimberley Michelle Barr - Friends

But so quickly happy memories, can descend,
Once upon a time we made a pact we where friends till the end,
She used to do - talk the truth, back in the days,
Cos we where tight this girl and I - but time quickly changed,

2Pac - Starin’ Through my rear view

Back in the days we hustled for sneakers and beepers
Nine-six for glocks cause fiends hittin up blocks with street sweepers

Turi - Capeesh

ti cumbinu a mortatella, good fella
now i drop my shit over your umbrella ella eh eh.
back in the days when i was younger
i botti a pallettoni 'nta serranda

Laredo - The last party

I'll sing again the old melodies,
back in the days, when I was starting to love.
I want to remember the last party,

Holograf - Open your heart to me

If I could change time, I'll return you to me again,
We'd love each other like before, because then we couldn't say "no",
We'd go back in the days when we felt so good,
When I was just me and you were just you.

KRS-One - Survival Skills

Small-time rappers ain't as dope as us
When you hear rappers in the club, you hope it's us
Back in the days, they used to smoke the dust
But cats kept jumpin off the roof too much

Ice Prince - No Be Today

His love is so divine, yeah
And he hustle everyday to make his baby shine huuuh
See back in the days, when our love is new
Your love e dey kampe so I know it’s true

Zhanna Davtyan - Unbreakable

In my heart I know you are
The only reason why I’m here now
Back in the days you made me cry
All the tears I had inside, but I