Bra macht die Uzi (İngilizce çevirisi)

  • Şarkıcı: Capital Bra
  • Şarkı: Bra macht die Uzi
  • Çeviriler: İngilizce
  • İstekler: Türkçe
İngilizce çevirisiİngilizce

Bra makes the Uzi

Fuck your mother, shuj, shuj, shuj
[Part 1]
Capital, Capital, bratans behind me
Russians, Arabs, Ticha, Challas
We have a different mindset, half one for 50€
Bring your guys and i'll bring the uzi
Headfuck, topfit, cocaine costs, Russians with Makarov under the lacoste shirt
Shoot on the rat, What are you doing Brate, get a box and get fucked up
Fuck your mother you cheap bitch, i'll get my share, whether you like it or not
You or me? mean rappers get mean jaw punches
You break out in a cold sweat, Ukrainian in the S Coupé matte white
Look, how i destroy, fighting spirit, smoking tires, burning
Fuck these rappers, sure (sure)
Fuck your SLK (K)
Run like Benzema (ma), from SEK
Bra-bra-bra makes the Uzi, whats up you tutti, i give you a half one for 50
Or are you a tourist? Then i want 100
Dont talk you Pico, where is you gang cool?
Haze gives you wings, cut out your Red Bull
Oah, leave these cunt sellers
Bra-bra-bra makes the Uzi dicka!
Bra-bra-bra makes the Uzi, bra-bra-bra-bra-bra makes the Uzi, dicka (4x)
[Part 2]
Left outside Alaba, A8 with reversing camera
Kickdown up to Panama, woah Bra, im blue (~drunk) like Avatar
Shoot on Justin Bieber, tracksuit AC Milan
Bratan i want purple (500€ bills), Bratan, Bratan, i want purple
Bring me your friends, Berlin and not Paris
Capital and not Kaaris
Mollys (Molotovs) on Nazis
Haze, Kilos, Bratans got it
Kuku Clan, my gang fucks everything
Kuku Habibi, Berlin my City
Vladimir Putin, get Rappers their Coke
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Bra macht die Uzi

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