To break out

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Meanings of "To break out"


Oteti se ograničenjima, redu, pobeći iz zatvora.

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İsyan çıkarmak, fırtına kopartmak

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"To break out" in lyrics

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (OST) - Fighting Gold (English Ver.)

Is the world stopping dead in its tracks?

Let me show how to break out now
Crush the stones of Fate into atoms

Mashina Vremeni - She Dreams to Break Out of the USSR

out of principle, she doesn't read newspapers. [fn]This is weird in English and this fixes contextual issues.[/fn]
Everything is outside of her purview, [fn]She doesn’t conform to the norm[/fn]
She dreams to break out of the USSR


A weak heart lie dormant on the other side of the door
It's time to break out

Aimyon - This night as it is

If only there's a person shouting

I'm unable to break out
And I'm unable to fall out

Lartiste - Chocolate

You got back into my life like a freestyle,
You wanted us to break out like Bonnie and Clyde,
I wanted to pierce your titanium heart,

Tim Bendzko - No Machine

Going on like this is no option
I have to break out - when you read this I'm up and away
I want to live my own life, at least I have to try

Jake Houlsby - Howl

Now I’m the wolf that’s yet to howl

Yet to break out and yet to run
Yet to be outdone

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - After Dark

Flowing viscously, deeply the red
Moon appears; a rejected shade
I want to break out of these stagnant days
Looking innocent, as if they will never end

Don Diablo - What We Started

Yeah, they would come chasin' us
We found a new place to hide
Our makin' out plans to break out
Give me your hand and then

AJ Pinkerton - Baldi's Basics: The Musical

Welcome to Baldi's Basics In Education and Learning

All I need is 7 notebooks to break out of this game
Trapped inside of Baldi's Basics

Eminem - Kick Off (Freestyle)

Not even a "nah" or a "boo"
'Cause even though I'm allergic to the crap that you spew
When I'm 'bout to break out, I don't mean get a rash from it too
'Cause when I say I have allergies, I actually do

EDEN - forever//over

Lying on our days, we were outlaws
Our loss, but, catch me if you can, never wiped out
Tryin' to catch a wave, tryin' to break out
I guess I didn't know

Kimberley Michelle Barr - Respond don't panic

In a way agree, so many are trapped in there surroundings,
Variables like money and kids can become confounding,
Cos some don’t know how to break out of there bubbles,
Pull themselves from the rubles, temporary make right with cuddles,

Kóstas Martákis - Call Me

Little things that you left here
Something to break
To break out 'cause you 're not here

DAOKO - Kahlua Milk

We're both filled with our stupid pride
Unable to break out
That Kahlua milk you gave me for my birthday

Tom Waits - Downtown train

The downtown trains are full
With all those Brooklyn girls
They try so hard to break out of their little worlds

Kontra K - Diamonds

The best diamonds are found only beneath a thousand tons of filth.

Would you believe me if I said that a flower can grow from a road pavement?<fn>lit. to break out from the asphalt.</fn>
And regardless how burned out we are,

Anna Oxa & Fausto Leali - I will let you

I will let you laugh
I will let you I will let you
and I will make your smiles wish to break out
and your pride I will let unleash

Epica - Unleashed

Freedom for me is all
I'm really wanting, needing
Give me power to break out
I can't hold on for any longer

Namie Amuro - In Two

Break my heart in two
Left the colder side
Gotta be a way to break out of my shell
Let me show you how