Bury Tomorrow - Knife Of Gold

  • Şarkıcı: Bury Tomorrow
  • Albüm: Black Flame (2018)

Knife Of Gold

We’ve seen the fall of an empire, with a dismantled throne.
Send a message to sons of their time, to return home.
They think they own us, they think we care.
Your wealth on earth, will be your cross to bare.
They’ll stab you in the back, with a knife made of gold.
Then they’ll drain all you have left, and swallow you whole.
Divide, divide and spread your lies.
No spine left in sight.
They try and try to infect our lives.
I have seen the way you’ve played this, its over now.
I will hunt you down and break this, don’t try to run you won’t survive it.
I will leave you in the graveyard, to be dead amongst the old guard.
Cold, As the writing on your tombstone.
Release your hold.
Divide, divide and spread your lies.
Human parasites.
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Lyrics taken from official music video.



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