Chivalry is dead

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Chivalry is dead (İngilizce) — Respect and courtesy among people no longer exists

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"Chivalry is dead" in lyrics

[Nelly Furtado]
Roses are red
Some diamonds are blue
Chivalry is dead
But you're still kinda cute

Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous

I need a man
I need a gentle, gentle, gentle oh
gentle, gentle, gentle man
Chivalry is dead but I am not ready to let it go

Natalia Kills - Chivalry Is Dead

You don't have to love me
Just 'cause I'm a gentleman don't mean I ain't taking you to bed

And they say chivalry is dead

Trevor Wesley - Chivalry Is Dead

(Or get away with it)

They said that chivalry is dead
Then why is her body in my bed
At sunrise, the morning paper's read

Cee-Lo Green - Bodies