Claudiu Mirea - We Are the Ones


We Are the Ones

I feel that I can't even laugh forever
inside my heart is open wide
while everyone around is acting clever
I only want her by my side
I came to life and met this planet naked
So what am I trying to hide?
The world is full of never-ending faking
Our only love can keep us unite
we are the ones looking for the light
we are the ones living for today
we are the ones reaching for the sky
we are the ones just who live this way
happiness is locked inside a prison
that made us very sad in mind
so what's the meaning of this whole existence
if I can be myself a better one
mother nature is such a gorgeous lady
her beauty begs for us to realise
we are the ones who can change the world and maybe
one day we'll lose our own disguise
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