Elton John 🇬🇧 – 03 – "Tumbleweed Connection" (Album Tracklist)

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Elton John 🇬🇧 – 03 – "Tumbleweed Connection" (Album Tracklist)

Elton John's third studio album was released in 1970. It peaked at no. 2 in the UK single charts and had also success in the United States, Canada and Australia, where it all reached the top 10.

The following editions with different track listings have been released:

💿 original album (1970)
💿 1995 reissue [RE]

All music by Elton John and all lyrics by Bernie Taupin except track 07 music and lyrics by Lesley Duncan.

Track 03

📻 single (Australia and New Zealand only)

Track 05

Çeviriler:  Yunanca

Track 06

Çeviriler:  Fince

Track 07

🅱️ B-side on the single "Country Comfort"

Çeviriler:  İspanyolca Fince

Track 09

Çeviriler:  Fince

Track 12 [RE]

❗demo version