Non-Romantic Vol. 7 - Cheerful / Jazz, Country, Misc.

Created by BreezyDay on 11 Oca 2019

Upbuilding, CHEERFUL but avoiding anything that arouses romantic or erotic feelings. Avoiding vulgarities. The best are uptempo. All languages welcome.

Non-Romantic Series of Collections:
Vol. 1 Cheerful pop, rock
Vol. 2 Serious, awareness
Vol. 3 Cheerful oldies, vintage
Vol. 4 Cheerful world (timba, samba, etc.)
Vol. 5 Encouragement
Vol. 6 Family, friendship or unity (philia or agape)
Vol. 7 Misc (jazz, country or anything that doesn't fit into 1-6)

I'm An Old Cowhand / Harry Connick Jr.

Young Blood / Rickie Lee Jones

Lazybones / Harry Connick Jr. and Johnny Adams

The Only Living Boy in New York / EBTG - Not uptempo but cheerful nonetheless

You Didn't Know Me When / Harry Connick Jr.